Speakeasy water is brand new unique functional water that combines breath freshening with hydration.  Infused with mint essence and organically sweetened, Speakeasy water refreshes while freshening your breath naturally. 

Speakeasy water comes in eight delicious, no calories, and naturally sweetened flavors that leave your mouth with a refreshing mint candy after taste.  

Make sure your local store carries Speakeasy!

Is your local store carrying Speakeasy water?   If not download this letter, sign it and present it to the store manager.

Benefits of Speakeasy water

1.    Unlike gum or candy, water is generally accepted in any setting.  On occasions where you have bad breath and you can't chew gum or eat candy,              Speakeasy is the best option to freshen your breath.

2.    Speakeasy is great to drink after dinner because the mint kills bad breath germs and helps digestion.

3.    Use Speakeasy to hydrate after a workout and let the mint help to relieve muscle pain and tension. 

4.    Natural stevia sweetener makes Speakeasy diabetic safe with no calories.

5.    Water offers many heath benefits including detoxification, helping to regulate body efficiencies and transporting energy.

Where to find Speakeasy

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® Breath Freshing Water is a registered trademark of Speakeasy Beverage Corporation

159 Route 303
Valley Cottage, NY  10989